Look Like a Rockstar at Your Homecoming Dance [+ Fashion Tips]

If you’re going to the homecoming dance, you'll probably want to look like a rockstar. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on formalwear or spend hours in front of the mirror. The most important part of the homecoming dance is to have fun! Be yourself and if you want to add some glamour and look like a rockstar at your homecoming dance, follow this fashion advice:

Go with color

Homecoming dances are meant to be fun. So, go with bright and bold colors instead of wearing all black. You can wear pink, purple, or red shirt with either a solid or patterned dress. You can also wear polka-dot or animal print.

Avoid white because it ends up worse than a kitchen towel after dancing. You can wear a pastel-colored shirt or patterned shirt will also go well with formal wear.


Wear comfortable clothes

If you are attending a homecoming dance, you are probably going to be dancing. If you wear something that is too tight or restrictive, you will have a hard time moving and dancing. Instead, wear something that is comfortable and allows you to move around freely.

Remember that it is all about showing off your dance moves!

Accessories are key

Accessories add a lot of personality to your outfit, try wearing a colorful necklace, a pair of stud earrings, or a big buckle belt to pump up those jeans.

You can also wear a hat, a rhinestone necklace or a link bracelet to add some bling to your outfit.

If you are going towards a more formal look you might want to try a butterfly bow-tie with a brooch pin to stand out. You can even coordinate with friends to go in different colors!

Smile and Have Fun

Homecoming dances are meant to be fun, exciting, and unique. Be yourself and wear what makes you feel good, remember that accessories are key to add that personal touch and show your personality.